Who are we?

CyberBooks is a business which exclusively facilitates the conversion of print-ready manuscripts into eBooks.

Who uses our eBook conversion service?

Our service is ideal if you:

  • Are an author with a print-ready manuscript, or a back catalogue of print-ready manuscripts.
  • Are a publisher, book designer, cover designer, a student or academic or someone who helps authors to publish their work.
  • Need a print-ready manuscript converted into an eBook and do not have the in-house capacity to perform the conversion.
  • Want a fast, affordable and efficient eBook conversion service.

Why choose CyberBooks for your eBook conversion?

When you deal with CyberBooks, you get fast, efficient, no nonsense service – with no fuss, no drama and no cross-selling:

  • You can use our quotation tool 24/7 to get an instant, up-front quote – so you know exactly how much you’ll pay for your eBook Conversion.
  • We use proven, stable technology, and a simple, transparent process – so you’ll always know what to expect and what’s happening.
  • We’ll convert your print-ready manuscript into your choice of eBook format (epub and/or mobi) – usually within four (4) business days.
  • Your completed file will be formatted ready for uploading to Amazon, Apple and other eBook trading platforms. so you can expect a smooth and efficient upload process.

We understand that your manuscript is a valuable asset, and we take both CARE AND RESPONSIBILITY when it comes to protecting your intellectual property and personal information:

  • Our entire site runs on a secure server.
  • We store only those credit card details which are required to communicate payment details.
  • We only transmit and distribute electronic copies of your manuscripts as required to facilitate the conversion process.
  • We will destroy all copies of your print-ready manuscripts after six months.
  • We will store copies of your converted files securely off-line, in case your copies are lost or destroyed.