What we do

At Cyberbooks we facilitate the conversion of print-ready manuscripts into eBooks. That’s it.

Here’s how it works:

  • Get an instant free quote based on word count.
  • Complete the order form – you can order up to five file conversions at a time.
  • Make your payment via our secure payment gateway.
  • Use the link in your confirmation email to upload your manuscript(s) and cover artwork. Your manuscript must be unlocked and editable, and be in pdf format.
  • On receipt of your files we will schedule your file for conversion. You will be advise within one (1) business day of the conversion start and delivery date (usually within three (3) business days from start date).
  • Once your conversion has been completed you will receive a notification email to download and check your files.
  • If required, we will correct any conversion related errors, otherwise you sign off as job completed and that is the end of the process. Your eBook file is formatted and ready for uploading to Amazon, Apple and any other eBook trading platforms.

 What we do not do:

At CyberBooks we only handle 100% print-ready manuscripts. Your converted eBook file will reflect the manuscript you provide us, including formatting and design.

  • We will not edit, copy-edit, proofread or make any textual changes to your manuscript.
  • The only changes we will make to the internal design or layout of your book are those necessary to maintain a consistent look across all eReader platform formats. See more …
  • We do not sell or market books, either print or eBooks.
  • We do not perform any of the services which take a manuscript from draft through to print ready format.

At present we can only convert English-language manuscripts into eBooks. Our focus is on fiction and flow-able text and we do not support multi-media or fixed text manuscripts with extensive graphics.

Please see Terms & Conditions for full details before placing an order.